There are many “round tables”. This one has been in existence since 2004 and it deals intensively with the topic of tourism as an economic factor. Its work has been shaped by trust, cooperation and efficiency from the very beginning. The common goal is to promote tourism in the city and, if necessary, to make the city even more attractive.


means that many issues directly and indirectly dealing with tourism are highlighted, analysed and considered for realistic implementation from a 360° perspective. The focus is not necessarily on the details, but rather on the feasibility and practicality of the big picture. The successful projects “Service in the City” and the “Culture Project Berlin GmbH” became “round things”.


Regardless whether square, round or oval, like in the Senate meeting room of the Berlin City Hall, where the event takes place twice a year – communication between the participants is encouraged at such a table. Renowned representatives from politics and business discuss tourism related topics under the patronage of Berlin’s mayor and moderated by the President of DEHOGA Berlin, Christian Andresen. The fact that is it not a “green table” is demonstrated by the fact that the participants also learn about facts, conditions and feasibility on the spot, for example on tours together with the Mayor.


is one of the strongest economic factors in the city. It creates and secures numerous different jobs. It can be assumed (based on 2016), that the income of around 240,000 residents is completely dependent on tourism. There are over 3,000 apprenticeships in the hospitality industry. The annual gross turnover in 2015 was around 11.58 billion euros, the tax revenue for the federal government and the state of Berlin was 1.91 billion euros (in 2008) and is still increasing.

In addition to highly qualified service, Berlin has a lot to offer its visitors. In 2016, the hospitality industry alone had 777 accommodation establishments with 139,650 beds which had to be filled. There were also around 15,000 gastronomic establishments – with a diversity unique in Germany. In addition to the hospitality industry, the greatest profiteers from Berlin tourism are retailers and service companies – all of which are competently represented at the Tourism Round Table.

The “Tourism Round Table” will continue to work hard not only on current issues, but also to continue to shape tourism in the city and for the city in a visionary way and with a view to the future.