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Admission fee - one-time payment - up to 100 rooms € 50,00, from 101 rooms € 150.00

An annual premium adjustment takes place yearly. It is 2 percentage points above the inflation rate of the last nine months of the respective previous year. This is based on the information provided by the Federal Statistics Office.

If you’d like to become a member with more than one business, please contact us at mitglieder​[at]​

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The Hotel-und Gastronomieverband Berlin e.V. (DEHOGA Berlin) maintains general membership and contract data resulting from the declaration of membership or from current association membership in common data collections. We use this data, among other things, to inform our members in electronic as wellas printed form and transmit it to cooperation partners insofar as this is indispensable for the provision of contractually agreed services (e.g. 20 % GEMA discount, discounts on electricity and gas framework contracts as well as for other monetary benefits). The Hotel-und Gastronomieverband Berlin e.V. (DEHOGA Berlin) also collects, processes and uses application, contract and performance data for market research purposes within the scope of Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f DSGVO, i.e. the legitimate interest of both parties.

We would like to send you our DEHOGA newsletter with industry-specific information, on our association activities and information on offers from our partners. To use your email address for this purpose, we ask you to give us your consent.

Notes on data protection: You have the possibility to revoke your consent (also in parts) atany time. You can find out more about the processing of personal data here.

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You will shortly receive another e-mail for the legally valid and binding confirmation of your contract. Your application cannot be processed further without the additional confirmation.