What your guests don’t tell you – find out the details here!

When was the last time a guest told you how they liked your place in detail? Not only the food, but rather everything involved, the service, the music, the atmosphere, etc.? Unfortunately, this rarely happens…

Most guests keep their opinions to themselves or, if they are not satisfied, they even go on the internet and complain in the forums rather than telling you directly what they think…

Test yourself!
Your location will be visited by two experienced and personally trained testers, without prior notice. They’ll eat what your guests eat and experience what your guests experience. The difference to your normal guests: they pay attention to everything, even to seemingly minor details. After the visit, the two testers will fill out a form with approx. 100 questions (!) 100 questions about the food, service, servers, decoration, cleanliness, friendliness, atmosphere and everything that is important to your guests. The result is a detailed, critical and confidential report for you. It includes constructive recommendations from the guests’ point of view. Then, you’ll know better – and can become better.

As a DEHOGA member, you’ll receive this service at a particularly favourable price from DEHOGA Berlin in cooperation with the leading restaurant-test company Gorath Servicetest.

How much does it cost?
Approximately the material costs for 10 simple set menus, namely € 150 for DEHOGA members (plus the cost of goods consumed by the two testers). Non-members pay € 300 plus consumption for this high-quality service!

How does it work?
Please ask directly at gorath servicetest e.K.:
Tel: 04421. 983701
Fax: 04421. 983702
E-mail: info​[at]​servicetest.com

You can receive general information about this directly from us
Tel: 030. 31804817
E-mail: mitglieder​[at]​dehoga-berlin.de