Support in times of crisis

What do you do during a crisis? Nearly all restaurateurs and hoteliers feel the same in the current situation. Some companies are trying to cover at least a part of their fixed operating costs by selling their products to-go. Many other companies have closed their businesses, sent their employees on short-time work and are now waiting and longing for the approval to reopen – which is urgently needed.

Some of them are confident that the loss incurred can be kept within limits when business starts up again. However, others have a more sceptical view of the day of reopening, because goods have to be financed in advance and the guests would have to return in large numbers. In any case, the liquidity situation of all companies, regardless of whether gastronomy or hotel, has been strained during the last few months.

However, what does this situation mean for the time after corona? This is a question that all companies should really be asking themselves during the quiet time! Because if not now, then when? Currently, many employers have more time now that they’ve had in a long time to think about the future of their companies. How do I deal with such a situation if it happens again? NOW is crucial.

As gastro pirates, we strongly recommend that each company should undergo an in-depth analysis before planning any further steps on how to proceed after the crisis. For this purpose, we have provided a BWA-check. It shows what weaknesses a company already had before the crisis and how helpful a loan application, e.g. from the KfW, really is.

We have noticed that many companies on the market are unconsciously using the crisis and providing the company with liquidity using corona emergency assistance so that the company remains liquid and viable for a short period of time. In a few weeks, the focus will shift to KfW loans, which are much easier to obtain in the current situation than before. However, caution is also required here. It the gastro-pirate’s opinion, this approach has to be questioned beforehand, because many companies were in a difficult situation even before the crisis and may even have negative equity on their balance sheets. Within the scope of the expedited proceedings, many loans are paid out as a matter of course due to the federal government’s 100% assumption of liability.

But, what does this mean for my liability? In every case, the employer has to assert that their business was not included among the “companies in difficulties” before the crisis. However, only a few business people can answer this question. And it is precisely for this reason that it is crucial to act now and analyse the company. You are welcome to use our consulting services and, in this context, the BWA-check tool from the gastro-pirates in order to avoid making the wrong decisions in the current situation.

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