Business Consulting “Hotel Industry” by DIEHOGA Denkfabrik

1. Start-Up Consultation/Business Plan

Our hotel consultants work together with our clients during the start-up stage to develop a sustainable business concept for a hotel property by creating a business plan which considers the planned economic development. 

2. Company Succession – Company Transitions

Through a structured transition, initial conflicts can be avoided during a company transfer or succession of a hotel. The transition can be carried out in a future-oriented manner with existing business contacts and a transfer of experience.

3. Inventory Valuation – Hotel Inventory (FF&E)

The valuation of hotel inventory (FF&E, SO&E or OS&E) is required, e.g., in connection with legal disputes, purchase transactions (a separation of building and inventory purchase price) or landlord lien claims and is carried out by our qualified hotel consultants as an inventory valuation.

4. Accompanying Consultation during Contract Negotiations

As an accompanying consultant during contract negotiations for a hotel rental contract / hotel lease contract, the property-related economic components are determined, variable contract components are identified and industry-specific characteristics are discussed, such as collateral security, limitation of “structural maintenance” or “FF&E”, hotel-preopening consultation, equipment standards, etc.

5. Company Sale / Purchase

The successful sale or purchase of a hotel property is the result of a detailed company and purchase price analysis, and a professional property presentation in combination with long-term contacts in the industry.

6. Market Value – Determining the Market Value of a Hotel

Our qualified hotel consultants have many years of experience and have mastered the art of determining commercial value, market value and mortgage lending value by internationally recognised procedures for determining the value of hotels or hotel properties.

7. Hotel Due Diligence – Acquisition Examination

During an acquisition examination (hotel due diligence consultation) of a hotel property, the components related to the purchase price are identified. This forms the foundation for a decision on the acquisition of a hotel property or the amount of financing. Our hotel consultants support clients during the acquisition examination in operational, economic and structural matters.

8. Determining the Enterprise Value of a Hotel

The enterprise value or the purchase price of a hotel (company value) is commonly the reason for differences between the previous owner and the successor to the company. Our hotel experts know numerous methods of valuation which are commonly used in the industry.

9. Tax Audits of Hotel Properties

Tax auditors often have no difficulty generating additional taxes for hospitality businesses (e.g. hotels, restaurants, hotel properties, etc.). Our hotel consultants provide support during tax audits as well as disputes with the tax office.  

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